Identifying Albumen Cabinet Photographs

Although there were a few different technologies used to product cabinet photos, the albumen emulsion process was the most popular. Albumen prints are always mounted on stiff cardboard and were frequently displayed in cabinets or bookcases and thus were called cabinet photos or cabinet cards. Albumen prints were produced from glass negatives on paper coated […]

Identifying Tintype Photographs

Tintype photographs were popular for a relatively short time period, so it is fairly easy to determine an approximate date if you have tintypes in your family history collection. Tintypes were introduced in 1856 and were popular until about 1867. Because tintypes are as a permanent photographic image, they may still be in good condition […]

Identifying Daguerreotype Photographs

Daguerreotype photographs were popular from the early 1840s until about 1860. Daguerreotypes therefore pre-date the Civil War. Daguerreotypes are named after a Frenchman Louis-Jacques-Mande Daguerre, who perfected the process that led to the first permanent photographic image that bears his name. Daguerre published a manual in 1839 that detailed the process. Daguerreotypes involve a positive […]